Full interior detail with a leather lotion applied to the seats and center console

Professional interior detailing includes vacuuming, steam cleaning of all the vents, and electronics and steering wheel column, hot water extractions, and conditioning of the seats

STS 3000 paint sealant combined with a cherry wet wax for maximum gloss on this Infinity

Washed, brake dust and tar removed prior to a complete sealing & waxing job

Paint leveling compound applied to remove orange peel, minor fish eyes and pin scratches, followed by a Blue Diamond polish to restore the paint clarity, sealed and finished with carnauba wax

STS 3000 paint sealant coupled with a wax for a high gloss finish

Two coats of paint sealant and two coats of cherry carnauba wax for a showroom finish and paint protection up to two years.

    Diamond Detailing specializes in automotive detailing. Nathan Haley is trained and certified by Detail King, a nationally recognized firm known for their training and premium products. Nathan, was recently nominated for "Student of the year" by Detail King in 2015.

  • Exterior Detail- vehicles are washed with a soft-bristled brush and black cherry auto soap. A clay applicator is used to remove the orange specs on the vehicles exterior. These are commonly referred to as brake dust. After the brake dust is removed, a light coat of thinner is applied to any tar spots. All contaminates are removed prior to any paint correction. If the vehicle has oxidation, pin, or surface scratches, a compounding procedure is performed. After the compounding process, a Blue Diamond polish is applied. The final step is applying a wax or sealant to protect the paint. The waxes and sealants have a unique blend of polymers, resin, and zonyl that form a durable coating that protects against harsh elements. The exterior is completed by cleaning the windows, degreasing the door jambs, and applying a dressing to the trim and tires.
  • Interior Detail- All loose items are bagged to ensure a thorough vacuum cleaning. After the interior is vacuumed, it is steam cleaned to remove dirt and grime from cracks and crevices. Next, a heated extractor is used to help remove tough stains and dirt from the carpet, headliner, and cloth seating. The interior is then dressed with a small machine, known as the Tornador. The door jambs and windows are thoroughly cleaned.
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