Detailed and bleached the top deck, non-skid, and interior textured surface. Polished the stainless steel instruments, applied a repellent to the windshield and waxed the hulls and transom on this motor yacht.

Interior detail inside the cabin with an exterior detail on the top deck and sides

Varnish Sealant applied

Sealed & Waxed hulls on a 18' Mako fishing boat

Jet-ski~ Before & After oxidation removal

Watercraft Detailing

  • Exterior Detail- ​The watercraft is washed from top to bottom, bow to stern. After a thorough wash is completed the exterior is dried to eliminate any water spots. Next, the gel coat is buffed using a Flex DA polisher that is specifically designed to remove that cloudy, dull, oxidized look that builds up on the gel coat of boats.  After the oxidation and the discoloration are removed from the gel coat, a Blue Diamond  polish is applied to restore the gel coat back to its pristine condition. A sealant or wax is then applied to protect the boats exterior.


  • Interior Detail- The floor areas, non skid, hatches, upholstery, cabin, and cockpit area are thoroughly vacuumed. Next, a multi-purpose cleaner is applied to the interior. To conclude, the windows are cleaned and the stainless steel features are polished. 

Washed, polished, sealed and applied a coat of wax to the hulls on this 28' Formula boat


Have fun on your watercraft! Let Diamond Detailing take care of the dirty work. Weekly, Bi-weekly, and monthly detail packages are available. All watercraft should be detailed prior to the boating season and after the boating season. Diamond Detailing helps you protect your investment.