Why detail at Diamond Detailing?

  People often think detailing is a luxury service, however it should be viewed as a necessity. It should be considered part of your regular maintenance and check-up routine making it as imperative as getting your oil changed and brakes checked.

  An accumulation of dirt, brake dust, road salt, tar, and environmental fallout can cause serious paint damage and can even cause your vehicles paint to rust prematurely. Not to mention, it can cause serious damage to your wheels.

  The interior of your vehicle is just as important as the exterior. It's vital to keep the interior of your vehicle cosmetically maintained, because an accumulation of food particles and odors can cause the interior to harbor harmful germs and bacteria.

  Diamond Detailing offers the highest quality exterior and interior services to prevent these matters.  We offer paint sealants, durable carnauba waxes, and protective coatings that will prevent rusting and paint damage. For your interior we offer professional steam cleaning (that heats up to 327 degrees) that kills bacteria and germs that linger in your vehicle. We also use a Tornador machine with a disinfectant and a hot water extractor to ensure the cleanest, most pure detail. For Odor removal we use an ozone machine that releases a  O3 methane gas to break down bacteria and purify your vehicle.

  Diamond Detailing uses specialized equipment and unique products that are not found in detailing centers or car dealerships. While other shops and car dealerships are primarily concerned with volume and trying to detail as many vehicles as possible in as short amount of time as possible, Diamond Detailing spends as much time as needed to get your vehicle back to pristine condition.